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  1. How do I find my assignment?

    I teach both 7th grade math and Pre-algebra. When using the assignment calendar I have titled them pre-algebra and 7th grade math. You will need to click on the class assignment you wish to view. Once there, you should see the assignment number and what was assigned (worksheet, page from book or workbook). I have included the due date as well. If it becomes necessary to make different assignments for classes within the same category (PA or Math) I will put the class period numbers and the class name. I don't expect this to happen regularly, but it could happen if one class moves faster than another or there is a fire drill or something to interrupt the class.

  2. What if I left my worksheet at school?

    I have included a worksheet page on this website for worksheets that are left at school and need to be completed. To find the worksheet I believe you can look at my calendar page for the title of the worksheet and then search for it on the worksheet page, but be sure to look at the category name above the worksheet to be sure it is the one for your particular class (PA or Math). I sometimes name worksheets the same in both pre-algebra and math, so I have put the worksheets in under math and the unit it is for or PA and the unit it is for. I do not know how much space I will be alloted on this site, so I can't be sure how many worksheets I will be able to keep up at one time. I know I will be able to hold those for the current week, but it may not hold very many worksheets for missing assignments.  

  3. What if I left my book or workbook at school?

    I also will not upload the worksheets that are in your workbook. If that is at school you will need to go to the links page and the online textbook where you should be able to find it.

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Homework FAQs

  1. Why does Mrs. Magnuson give homework?

    All of the assignments in math help you to learn the required material. They are designed to give you the practice you need to be proficient in this math class as well as your future math classes. In the past the academic standards have reviewed materials learned in previous years. The new Common Core standards that Indiana has adopted do not allow for much in the way of review. Each unit of study is to be taught and learned deeply enough that the students will not require a review. The only way I know how you as a learner can accomplish this is to do ALL assignments you are given and to go back over any you did not do well on and ask for help. That means if you never do the assignment you have lost an opportunity to be successful this year and subsequent years. For this reason you should get every assignment done even if you will not receive credit for the assignment.

  2. How often can I expect to have homework in math class?

    You can expect to have an assignment from math every night.

  3. How are assignments graded and how much are they worth?

    We will grade assignments together in class. You will find your percentage when we finish grading and write it on top of your paper. I will give you the appropriate grade out of 10 based on your percentage. If the assignment is completely finished and proper work is shown, the lowest grade I will give is a 7 (C-), even if your percentage was less than that. I don’t give less than a 7 for completed work because homework is a learning exercise. (All assignments receiving less than a 70% should be gone back over and corrected to insure you understand the material presented. This is to be done on your own, but you may come during raft to check it over.)

  4. When is it due?

    The due date for those assignments will always be the next school day unless stated otherwise when assignment is given.

  5. What happens if I don't turn it in?

    You will receive a zero and the gradebook will be marked with a missing symbol until it is turned in. Any of the following consequences could happen:

    • Assigned to PASS to complete a number of missing papers. These will receive credit in the same manner as listed below in the turning in late section.

    • Assigned a regular noon detention.

    • Be given a permanent zero for the assignments once a test or quiz is given.

  6. What if I am absent when the assignment is due?

    Your paper is due the class period that you return to school.

  7. What if I am absent when the assignment was assigned?

    When you return to school you are to go to the “Assignment” bulletin board in my room and write down the assignment(s) you missed. You will be given 1 additional day for each day you were absent. It is your responsibility to get the notes from someone in the class and look them over. Looking the notes over while we are grading the assignment you missed is the best time, so you can ask me for help at the end of class and/or during RaFT time.

  8. What if I turn my assignment in late?

    1 day late will result in a loss of 10% of the grade you receive on it. 2 days late will result in a loss of 20% of the grade you receive on it. 3 or more days late will result in a loss of 50% of the grade you receive on it. If the paper is turned in after the test over the unit it will be marked as collected in the gradebook, but no credit will be given for completing the assignment.

  9. How do I get credit for turning my assignment in late?

    You will need to bring your COMPLETED assignment to my classroom at the beginning of your lunch period and request the key to grade it then place it in the late assignment tray and return the key to me. This step is not necessary for a paper turned in on time after being absent. I will grade all on time absent work.

  10. What if my family is going on vacation?

    If you are going to be gone the following things need to happen:

    • Get a vacation request form from the office at least 5 school days early and have it signed by all of your teachers.

    • 1 week before you go, remind me you are going to be gone and ask if I will be giving you the work before you go or after you return. If it is a week ahead I can make the decision as to whether I can get all of the materials ready before you go, or if it is going to have to be made up after you return. Any assignments you get before your vacation are due the day you return. Anything you get after the vacation will be made up like an absent assignment. Be aware if I give you 3 of the assignments and there are 2 more to be made up then you will only have 2 days when you return. I will not provide you with notes for assignments before you go. If there is time ahead you can ask me questions during RaFT before you go. Otherwise you will need to use your textbook or the internet as a reference for the work.

    • When you return: turn in all completed work that was given to you before you went on vacation. Collect any assignments you did not receive before you left and complete them in the appropriate time.

    • Note that the days before Thanksgiving, Christmas break, and spring break often have tests. It is in your best interest to take them before you go, but they may not be ready if you are going to be gone a whole week before that vacation break.

  11. What is Mrs. Magnuson's assignment policy?

    Please go to my worksheet page and look at the assignment and extra credit  worksheet.

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