Announcements:  This site is no longer being updated due to being very buggy and not updating easily.  Please go to the following google site.

 If you are a student, you should log into your google chrome and visit the google classroom that has been set up for you.  Regular e-mails are sent to your google account with the current assignment and work.

General information you should know:

This website has been set up to help my students and their parents to stay up to date on what is happening in my class.  There is a calendar with assignments posted on it as well as video tutorials to help them with their current work and access to some of the worksheets given in my classes.  The site is a work in progress so there may be bugs to be worked out. I have an FAQs page to help you with this website as well as general questions I get about my classroom policies.  Please look there if you are having trouble.